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The articles below have been featured in The Business Daily, THR3EFOLD, Zyne Official, and Textile Exchange.

Successful Sourcing in Africa

This article was featured in the September 2019 Textile Exchange newsletter.

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Photo Credit: Zyne Official

Zero Waste

This brand practices zero waste in their entire design and production process in Morocco.

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Photo Credit: Zyne Official

The Embroideries of Morocco

Morocco is the home of many beautiful types of embroidery.

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Photo Credit: Social Cut

Sustainable Business Solutions

By implementing sustainable business practices, profitability will increase.

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Photo Credit: Financial Fortune Media

Kenya Creative Industry

Kenya has an opportunity to maximize on its creative industry to further economic growth.

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Photo Credit: Trisha Downing

UN Fashion + Kenya Cotton Production

What does the UN, sustainable fashion, and Kenya’s cotton production have in common?

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