"There doesn’t have to be torture in fabulous fashion"

Since 2001, Stella McCartney has been known for her label to be sustainable in every way, so it’s no surprise that she incorporated that into her designs for this year’s Met Gala. 
In this video, Miley Cyrus, Paris Jackson, and of course, Stella McCartney are all wearing Stella’s designs and using their platform to promote torture-free dresses. 

The Fabric:
In all three dresses, Stella uses silk. 
According to her website, she has tried using Peace Silk where the silkworms can actually transform into moths. The issue with Peace Silk is the quality. 
Now, she partners with Bolt Threads, a biotech company in Cali. They study the silk that spiders make and have successfully replicated the process which solves the problems of harming the spider and the quality of the silk.
“[This process] also produces less pollution, creates long-term sustainability and it is vegan friendly, because it is entirely made from yeast, sugar, and DNA.”
My Two Cents:
I commend celebs like Stella and Emma Watson (even if she’s not pictured above, she’s instrumental in her sustainable fashion approach) for standing by sustainable fashion.
I hope that more designers will take Stella’s lead in completely transforming how they produce their designs.
I hope that more celebrities will take Emma’s lead in only purchasing from designers who practice sustainable principles within their supply chain.
By next year’s Met Gala, I hope that more designers and celebrities jump on this sustainable fashion train. If they don’t, and continue to pursue fashion that’s harmful to the environment and promotes modern day slavery, there won’t be a world to design in or celebrities to show off those designs. 
Sustainable fashion is not just a trend, it’s literally an attempt to clean up the mess that we’ve made in the past to cater to a very individualistic, consumer-driven economy. 
I challenge all celebrities and designers to use their platform like Stella, Miley, and Paris have. There should be more than a handful of people advocating for sustainable luxury fashion. If more celebrities would get on board, then the consumers will follow. 
MODIFICATION: It is to my great excitement that Livia Firth (founder of the Green Carpet Challenge from Eco-Age), Gisele Bündchen in her 100% organic silk Versace, Solange Knowles reppin’ a designer known to use recycled materials, some would argue Rihanna in her very intricate Maison Margiela Artisanal gown, and Cate Blanchett recycling a dress she wore in 2014 all wore ethical clothing to the Met Gala in addition to the above. I will say, I wish it was talked about more because the only ones really promoting like crazy are the three women in Stella dresses. 


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